Rockshield’s Veneer Core Plywood is constructed of Canadian Aspen inner-plies and decorative face and back veneers.

Veneer Core Features and Benefits

Rockshield’s Plywood Veneer Core plywood is made with selected aspen logs from a recognized sustainable-yield forest. Not only that, but our aspen supply is guaranteed forever because of sound forestry practices. Aspen makes for a superior wood product for the following reasons:

  • Aspen is light in weight and colour compared to other platforms
  • Aspen is dimensionally stable, reducing the possibility of warp
  • Aspen peels smooth leading to plywood that finishes beautifully

As a result, our Plywood Veneer Core is a superior, reliable wood that is perfect for any number of applications.

Veneer Finishes Available

A sampling of veneers available

The majority of Rockshield’s wood panels are finished with an overlaid hardwood veneer. Here’s a select sampling of veneers we have available:

Available veneer cuts

Many other veneer cuts and species are readily available.